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Video marketing is one of the most you can get your brand, your personality, your company out there and across to people in your local vicinity whichever town or city is your target area.

There are different ways you can use videos but I’ve just taken two types here to show you the power of video marketing. So I’m on You Tube and I’ve just types in DG Heath Swansea who are one of our clients and we’ve done various types of videos with them over the years.

This is a company based in Swansea with a target radius of 20 miles from Swansea as everything they do e.g. flooring, decking, fencing… all items that require delivery by lorry. So, they tend to target a 20 mile radius.

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Interview Style Videos

We started doing videos with them as interview asking questions like ‘what is garden fencing?

Then we went through their products like quick step flooring with interview style videos about each product that they had on their website like fencing and timber decking and type of fencing you can put round it. All theses videos are explanation type videos.

They’re just talking about something that they do, they’re not trying to sell anything.  They’re just being a  helpful, local business.

So, if you’re an accountant for example, you could be answering different questions on the different services of accountants like when does my tax return have to be in? What if I’m late with my tax return, what if I’m very late with my tax return?

You could be a plumber and videos on topics like where to find the stop cock in your house, why you should be servicing a boiler once a year.

Why you should shut off outside taps in the winter months, etc.  All these can be very simple videos but look at the views.  We’re looking a 473 views, 1000 views, 1,600 views when you keep doing these regularly and you add all these up, a lot of people can see what your brand is all about and the people involved etc.

Video Marketing Example

And I can tell you a true story that when we first started doing these videos with Dean who you can see here, people used to come into the shop and say that they saw him the video and these tradesmen would be having a laugh.  And Dean asked them what they thought of the videos and they said they were fabulous as there was so much information for them which we can pass onto our customers and clients.

So, these videos are very powerful in getting your brand across and showing you as the local expert in whatever it is that you are doing.

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Slideshow Videos

On the other hand, then you have a second type of decking. So using the same company and product called composite decking. They are targeting in Neath, which is 10 to 15 miles from their depot.

When you scroll down the search page, you have all the usual information like your maps, and you can see the same company DG Heath ranking number one on Google. When you scroll down, here’s a different type of video.

So they’re number one in the videos in the list that Google is showing.  But this is a slide show video made up of pictures of the product showing different types of composite decking. So when you click on the video, you can see it’s a 41 second slide show.

So these two are explanation videos, whilst this one is a slide show and ranked number one by Google so again it puts the brand out there and you’re taking up real estate on page 1. You have the important details on there i.e. the company name and the telephone number.

Then we take the same video with a different key word this time Lanelli. Which is a bit nearer to their depot and again the videos are both from the same company DG Heath.  One is Trex decking and one is Trex composite decking. They have very subtle changes in the headlines, they are very similar slide shows. But look at the real estate they are taking up and look at them ranking again on page 1.

So when it comes to video marketing, there are different types of video you can do.  They don’t have to be big, professional videos that people are spending thousands to get done. You can do cheap, effective videos and get your brand out there to show people what your brand’s about, what you’re an expert at and what services you can deliver.

So, make sure you put video into your marketing mix and getting them out there on your website, onto your Facebook and onto your Youtube Channel.

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Video Marketing – Everywhere!

With the increased power of mobile devices and broadband. Video has become one of the most popular ways to share your ‘business story’. Now you can make videos of high quality, fast.

You can then use these videos for your social media campaigns. Or use the same video and share on your social media platforms.

One simple video can put your brand in front of hundreds of local people, potential customers.