3 Pillars Overview

Here we talk about generating leads and using search engines to generate your leads.

Lead can be by customers, clients, new patients it just depends what your business is.

These are important because new business is the life blood of any business. We’re all the same, out there trying to generate new customers, clients, or patients.

We do it various ways: we go to business networking meetings such as the BNI and other events like that; we go to Chamber of Commerce meetings.  We also make contacts in other ways: we’re on Linked In, we do advertising, things in the local press, leaflet drops.

There are many different ways we try to generate new business, new customers, new clients, new patients.

Ranking on Search Engines

The important thing when you’re talking about online, you’re talking about search i.e. you’re looking for the people who are looking for your type of business. That red-hot lead.  The person that needs your service, needs your goods, or whatever it is you’re providing.  To do that you need to be able to rank.

What do we mean by ranking?

Quick tip: whenever you do a search to see how your business is doing compared to competitors etc. please make sure if you’re on Google Chrome for example you go incognito.

Just click on the button and select new incognito window.  If you’re on Firefox it’s private. Whichever browser you are using, make sure you go incognito, private etc…. This is because, as you’re on your equipment all the time, whether it’s your phone, your laptop or your computer, you’re being cookied all the time, leaving data on there.

So, Google knows what your favourite searches are.

A prime example: anybody who knows me knows I’m a Swansea City fan so the moment I go online to search for Swansea City, if I just put the letters ‘sw’ and the first thing Google shows me is Swansea City.  It knows I’m a big fan so just typing those 2 letters it gives me this search result.  So when you’re on a browser and you’re incognito, you’ll get an unbiased set of results.

Google Search Engine RankingSo back to ranking. Let’s see what Google gives me as a result of search.

Let’s type in ‘Plumber Swansea’.

The search will then give me four adverts at the top of the page, followed by Google maps, with what they call the ABC results (3 different results), then you get the natural searches which is where the website show up.

Here we have the big directories like Yell, Checkatrade, Gumtree, MyBuilder and Three Best Rated.  Then under these you get your first plumbing website.

It’s important to note that whether you’re on a phone or lap top, Google will give you a similar set of results as it knows you are in Swansea and recognises your IP address.

So when scrolling down you get the four adverts, Google Maps, the ABC listings etc.

So you have to scroll down through all of that information before getting down to the first local website and then have to scroll down even further past the directories before getting to the first actual business website.

So you need to be listed in the main directories to be top of the directory listings to get seen.  That’s why it’s important, unless you’re running Google Adwords, that you get into the Google Maps so you are then in the ABC listing (i.e. one of those three local listings).

Because people aren’t going to click into the ABC ads AND click lower down on the page, as they are looking for you in the ABC listing.

So what is Google looking for to put businesses into this local ranking? 

To help me explain, I’m using this report from Bright Local.  The report explains that when you’re looking to rank, looking to get people to find you when they search, there are three key elements you need to have to think of and they are: Relevance, Proximity and Prominence.

What I’m going to do in the next three videos is to explain what each of these elements are and what you can do to maximise them for your business so that 2019 becomes a more profitable time for your business.

There’s nothing more frustrating when trying to run a business when you’re panicking to pay your staff, yourself, your overheads etc because you don’t have a steady flow of new business coming in because you’re too busy doing and not spending enough time marketing your business and getting it done.

So I’m going to explain what these three things are.  You can do it yourself, you can hire companies  like ours, your team in your office, there are lots of ways you can get it done.

And we’ll explain how important these three pillars are: Relevance, Proximity and Prominence.