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Social Media Marketing – Why Local Business Owners Are Confused?

Social media is probably the most confusing part of marketing for any local business owner. So let’s just simplify social media marketing.

There are numerous platforms out there. You have the Google + search engine, you’ve got Facebook and Twitter, you’ve got LinkedIn, you’ve got Youtube, you’ve got Pinterest, you’ve got Instagram and there are many many more.

Social Media Marketing

Building Your Business Trust Fortress

In the SEO training, you will find that we talk about our trust fortress. Our trust fortress is where we build up this platform around your website. This is being on all of the business directories, being on the 2.0 properties such as Tumblr and LiveJournal, and of course having all of your social platforms set up.

We also said that we were going to use this trust fortress as your announcement network. So every time that you add something new to your website, you’re then able to share that out across all of these platforms and really blast your information out there to your target audience.

social media marketing campaigns

The important thing to remember on social media is that you are only going to be active on one or two platforms. For example, if you are a ladies fashion shop then your major platform is going to be Facebook.

This is because your target audience is also on Facebook so you and your staff would concentrate on using the Facebook platform to share stuff and communicate and interact with their target audience.

However, if you were a business to business, Facebook wouldn’t be the place of choice. More than likely your most engaging place is going to be LinkedIn because you are talking to other business owners who are on LinkedIn.

So you will only be focusing one main major platform but you will still be using all of the other tools because whether you are a ladies fashion shop using Facebook, or a business using LinkedIn, you are still using the other platforms in the trust fortress but they are being automated. So you engage on the platform of choice and you automate the rest of it.

Social Media Advertising

Once you have done that. You are going to be in a position where you can start advertising on your major platform. So if you’re in ladies fashion you can start advertising on Facebook. If you’re in business to business you can start advertising on LinkedIn and engaging with your target audience.

That is how simple it is to properly set up social media campaigns. If you would like to know more you can pay a company like ours to do it for you. But either way take action and increase the profits of your business.

Call & Discuss Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns