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Being a SEO company providing seo services that deliver fast and guaranteed results is important to us … but more important to you and your business.

In the video our seo consultant Steve Brown explains why search engine optimisation is now a key part of all marketing strategies for every local business owner especially with Google My Business now the number one tool for local business owners.

It is important to realise that it is no good just being on page 1, you want to dominate page 1 of Google. What do we mean by that? In one particular example, one particular company is in position 1, and it is also in positions 2, 3 and 5.

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How To Rank Your Business – Locally

When we talk about search engine optimisation, of course we are talking about Google.


Because here in the UK Google represents 90% of all searches when people are looking for information, goods or services online. So we have to realise the fact that Google dominates.

If we are going to talk about the Google platform, you need to realise that 98% of the action takes place on page 1. This means we have got 90% of people using Google and 98% of that action taking place on page 1. Only 2% of people ever go onto page 2.

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SEO Company – Helping You Get The Click

The other thing that you want to do when trying to dominate the page is to be the most visual. One example of standing out on the page is to have a video that stands out among the rest making it more likely to get the click.

You also want to think about things such as business directories. We all go out there and list our businesses in places like Yell and Yelp but when these business directories show up on page 1 of Google, all they will show is categories. But if you do your SEO optimisation right, you can actually get your business on that directory to actually list.

Dominate Page One With Multiple Listings

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As an seo company we can show all different ways of getting your website or directories or videos all showing on page 1 of Google so you dominate. This is the same as the difference between being in a side street. Where there’s very little traffic and little happening. To being on the high street where you’ve got multiple shops on there and really dominating and bringing the money in.

There are only two things to worry about with search engine optimisation and one is your on page ranking factors.

This is where you make sure you build up your websites and other platforms. So you’re attracting the attention of Google and giving Google the right messages.

The second thing you need to do is the off page, and in other lessons we will talk about this, is the trust fortress announcement network. This is where you have got your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest accounts, and all of your other web 2.0 properties all linking back to your website and giving your site more authority.

What do we mean by domain authority and page authority?

Two of the factors that Google looks at is the domain authority and the page authority.

Your domain authority on Facebook is 100 and your page authority is 97. On Amazon you have a domain authority of 93 and page authority of 95, so these are very powerful websites.

For the purpose of training, we will also show a brand new website. Where the domain authority and page authority are both 1. In other words Google has built up no trust with it whatsoever. So don’t expect it to rank on page 1 of Google. Over a period of time we will change these figures and build it up.

But it is all about building up your domain and page authority and showing Google that as a local business, you are the business of choice and the most authoritative business.

Page Authority

When talking about your on page ranking factors. You are talking about the titles, content, whether there are videos or images on there.

Another on page ranking factor is creating silos. So if you are a plumber making sure you have a section about boilers and central heating systems. It is about creating silos and the way you structure your website.

All of these are factors that help Google rank you on their search engine. As we mentioned earlier we will also be talking about how you get your domain and page authority built up. So you become the local business of choice.

This is just one of the ways we, as a seo company can help local business owners. Make more money and make more profits when it comes to using all of the different online marketing strategies. If you want to know more you can call. We can talk to you and give a one to one consultation and give you advice.

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