Online Press Releases

Let’s talk about the importance of on-line press releases and why every local business should be doing them.

The first thing about press releases is that when you have a professionally written press release (which can be about any topic but we won’t cover these here as we’ll do that in a separate report).  Just understand that it can be on any topic such as a new service,  if you have a special on a service, if you have new premises, you have new staff, you’ve made some kind of change, you’re celebrating the fact that you’ve been trading for one year, two years, five years.  There are a million and one reasons why you can release a press release.

Press Release Ranked #1

When you do these press releases correctly, the power is incredible.  When you send out these releases you get instant exposure.  I’ll show you later how you get them onto page 1 of Google and how we get instant exposure.  So your press release goes out there and it can immediately be seen by local people, local journalists etc.

They also help to increase your sales potential as what happens when you put a press release out there, as it starts to show Google all the other things you have on line, where people can find you and helps to boost your rankings.

Press releases can also boost the effect of your marketing plans.  So if you’re doing all the right sort of things like adding content to your website (and for every article you add to your website you can turn into a press release too) and point Google at it to show Google that it exists. So you drive traffic to your blog post from your press release which in turn drives up business.

It’s an opportunity to brand yourself.

When we say brand yourself we mean it’s important to be out there at the front of your business and your business brand should be growing (and we talk about this in every video that we do). Brand awareness locally is so important as Google is looking for local brands.

If you do a search today for an item or object i.e. something that can be purchased, who normally comes up there?

It will be Amazon or Tesco or PC World, companies like that depending on what the item is. But what I’m saying is Google shows brands. And locally Google wants to show brands too i.e. who are the big brands locally.

Writing press releases is an opportunity to set yourself up as a brand and as an industry expert.

An example we like to give when talking about video marketing, when you see a news item when a disaster has happened, all of a sudden they have somebody on the news, an expert on there giving their opinion.  You assume they are the expert as they are on the screen.


Because they’re on the screen in front of you but that person could be the sixth person they contacted but was the one available who get there quickly and do the news programme. It’s not necessarily only expert in the industry.

So therefore, when you put these press releases out online, Google sees all this information and assumes you are a brand and an industry expert.  And when you put these press releases out, for example if you have two beauty salons alongside each other, one of them is doing regular press releases and the other isn’t.  Who do you think Google will think is the leading  local brand.

As mentioned, press releases also drive traffic to your website not necessarily directly from your press release but because your press release is linking out to all the other properties, which I’ll show you in a minute, and so your other properties are getting activity on them.

There are also important SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefits too. 

By putting press releases out there and telling Google what your business is about and what’s happening in your business, and then linking to your other properties, these all drive important SEO benefits. So you are going to rank higher than your competitors when people are searching for your goods or services.

It’s also a new opportunity to reach your target audience because some people will read these press releases in your local area or maybe some local journalists will want to take it up and put it into your local press. There are lots of opportunities out there.

Press releases can also give a great way to distribute content across your different channels.  So  you put your press release out there and it’s on the Google search engine, you can sharing it on Facebook, on Twitter and you can put links to it on your website back to your press release.

There are a multitude of channels you can share these press release across to give all the right signals to Google to help you to rank higher and get even more traffic to your website and increase your sales.

You can also build solid relationships with journalists. I’m not talking about writing press releases for your local journalist to pick up. What will happen is when they see these articles going online, you may well find that the local journalists want to start talking to you and ask you about your business, etc. and put stories in the local press for you.

It’s a very cost effective method to attract different people to your business whether they are investors or people who want to trade with you. All business to business benefits.  It’s a brilliant way of really getting your brand out there.

When I talk about local brand, I was doing a search here on trends and came across this article about Google starting to take local intent more seriously with localised search sitting directly above organic results, so too are brands and businesses.

So what does that mean?

If I come to Google (using an incognito window so Google doesn’t pick up on your search history or cookies etc) and I just typed in wood flooring.  Google isn’t sure what I’m looking for now so what does it show me?

It shows me some wood flooring from Google shopping, it shows me an advert and then the next thing it shows me above everything else is local: a local map with three local businesses as it’s picking up on your intent.  Are you looking for a local business that does wood flooring?

It then starts showing across the UK and showing the brands.  So Google is looking for brand, whether it’s local brand or national brand. So brand is very important to everything you do.

When you launch your online press release for goods or services, this is what’s important.

So, we’ve typed in composite decking Swansea up comes one of our clients here, DG Heath’s press release on a website called Digital Journal which is where we put some of our press releases. Digital Journal is a very powerful website.

The important things we have here are number one, it gets onto Google News. On this screen is the usual Google Search showing local brands and the company we deal with, DG Heath.  And here they are as a local brand.  But when we put a press release out there, every time to do so, up it comes on Google News to page and position number one.

Here’s the important thing  – it’s on Google and as we say in all our videos, Google is 90% of all searches that take place in the UK.

So when someone does a local search, here we have Google showing that you as a company have put out a press release.  Google will then look to see what that press release says.

So here on Digital Journal you can see have included a photo, we can embed A Google map to show location, you can embed video on here too.  Some of the other things we can put on here relevant to search engine ranking include and getting more traffic to your website, you can put links in your press release, and that doesn’t mean you should put lots of links, in fact we recommend a maximum of three.

Google then follows these links to see what’s happening.

So the first link goes off to the You Tube channel of this particular company, so Google can see all the different videos that this company does all about decking, enabling Google to get a picture that this company a good brand that does decking.

The second link on there, goes to their actual website, to the relevant page where people can choose the different types of decking they want.  The Third link on there took them to the company Facebook page so again we’re saying to Google, look this page is also all about decking.

So  you’re building up a brand image for Google so they can see that the company has all the relevant online platforms relating to the product.

So the key message is that online press release can rank on page one of Google but more importantly then can drive traffic to your site and build awareness of your local brand by sending these positive signals to Google to tell them all about your business.