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Retargeting Or Remarketing For Local Business Owners

Retargeting or remarketing, in our opinion, is the most profitable form of advertising ever.

For those who are not sure what retargeting is. Remarketing is simply where somebody is sat on the laptop or computer browsing around to look for information in order to maybe purchase some goods or a service and happen to land on your website.

They may not be in a position to buy at this time. They are still scouting around for the best quotes, or may have been distracted by family members. But when they land on your website, you cookie them. This is when you put a pixel on your website so that when they leave, they start seeing your banner ads on different parts of the internet.

Remarketing or Retargeting

When they keep seeing your banner ads and your brand out there, at some point in the future when they’re ready to buy, your image or banner triggers something in their memory and click on your advert and go back to your website. They will now be a hotter buyer, someone who is a lot closer to that buying decision.

Let us give you an example. You land on a website like the website shown in the video above. So that means that this website will have cookied you. Now when you go to a local paper such as the South Wales Evening Post, their advert will be posted onto the local paper’s website.

Building Your Business Brand

Remarketing Costs

What is more important is that you can go onto websites such as Sky Sports and the advert in the top corner of the page is a banner ad. For example, if you were to go onto a website such as Heart Internet, you will have been cookied and now that you land on Sky Sports, you will see the Heart Internet advert in the top corner.

If a person was a slightly naïve about retargeting, they would believe that this company can afford to advertise with Sky Sports, when in fact it is the cookie on that person’s browser on their machine that is triggering that ad through Google.

So it is the most effective form of advertising as well as being the cheapest to build your brand. An example of this is a very specialised company. One that people only use when they require that specific service.  Companies such as a solicitor or accountant. That over 30 days have their advert shown 9,926 times to people within a 20 miles radius of their business. This will only cost them £11.28 in a month.

You have also got the other extreme. Where you have got somebody who is a retail company that sells online that gets their banner shown 37,000 times. Talk about brand building and all it will cost them is £65. The important thing with this example is that it is £65 with 106 clicks. The average item on their website is in the region of £25 to £50. So let’s just take £25. If those 100 people are red hot buyers it is potentially £2500 in sales for just £65 in cost.

Remarketing & Website Design

When you design a website one of the things you should consider is the hidden elements of the design such as adding the facebook and Google pixels and code to capture and create the audiences for your remarketing campaigns.

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