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Why PPC Advertising Is So Powerful For Local Business Owners

So how do you as a local business owner profit from pay per click advertising?

Most of us are aware of pay per click advertising and for most of us; our first introduction to it was Google Adwords. They were the biggest platform that was out there and Google was dominating the search engines and making the money out of Adword advertising.

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Pay Per Click On Other Platforms

But there are other platforms since then. We all know about Facebook advertising, you can advertise on Twitter, you can advertise on LinkedIn. In fact all of the major platforms out there now offer pay per click advertising in one form or another.

But let’s just take the first one and the one that most of us grew up with, Google Adwords. Google Adwords pay per click advertising is 11 adverts on page 1 of Google, 3 on the top and 8 on the sidebar. The 3 at the top are the ones that get most of the clicks, and the ones on the sidebar are the ones that get the least clicks but are still very valuable.

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Pay Per Click – Google Ads

If you are going to get your business straight onto page 1 of Google, there’s no better way of doing it then on Google Adwords. You can pay to be there and immediately put your business in front of the people that are searching for the goods or services that your business deliver.

But even in the sidebar where there are fewer clicks, if you put your advert in the middle of that bunch, your advert still shows up every time some people does the search and you are gathering great data about what people are searching for in your local town or city.

You can then use that data to optimise your website, your Facebook campaigns, your Google campaigns, your SEO efforts, everything. It is great data gathering so either way advertising with Google is superb and what you need to remember is that Google is 90% of all searches in the UK. It is a massive platform and everything happens on page 1, in fact 98% of action takes place on page 1.

Pay Per Click – Facebook Advertising

But there are other platforms out there. Facebook is another great platform to use for the right types of business because with their pay per click advertising you have got demographic advertising, geographic advertising and you can look at fans of certain Facebook pages as well.

You can also put your advertising put your adverts in front of people with certain interests and income because people gave them all of this data when they signed up for Facebook and told them all about themselves. This makes it an absolutely fantastic platform to use for pay per click advertising.

So it doesn’t matter whether you are using Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for your business to business, pay per click advertising works.

3 Choices

So you have 3 choices. Your 3 choices are to do nothing, learn from our free training where we can show you how to do all of this for free, or you can pay our company like ours to do it for you. But whatever you choose to do, make sure you do something and grow your business.

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