Laminate Flooring Supplier DG Heath Expands Showroom

By February 20, 2019 March 12th, 2019 DG Heath, Press Releases

DG Heath has announced they have expanded their showroom in order to include flooring choices. The new showroom space will contain flooring such as laminate, engineered, vinyl, and parquet along with their best known brand, Quick-Step Flooring.

DG Heath is a family run business that is more than just a laminate flooring supplier. The company also offers decking, fencing, doors, garden buildings, sheet materials, such as plywood and, of course, general timber.

Dean from DG Heath says, “The unique cutting facilities mean customers can take away any type of timber, measured and precisely cut to size. DG Heath staff will help with plans and provide expert advice on getting the best results. They can even recommend installers for customer projects if required.”

They provide the best quality and value for the look of the home, both inside and out with a wide array of home improvement merchandise that will fit any budget. DG Heath brings the best to their customers and the community they serve.

The store provides tips and know how to help out with any project from inside items such as furniture, insulation, and underfloor heating to putting up a fence or deck in the back yard. They will help their customers make sure they have everything they need for the project. With weekly deliveries their products are supplied quickly for either customer pick up or home delivery directly to the customer. Do not forget that they can answer any questions the customer has on any of the projects that DG Heath has the pieces or parts for.

Providing customers with the best services in timber is what DG Heath has been doing across Swansea and South Wales area since 1985. It is important for the company that their customers know they can receive the best timber products, tips, and help. It is part of their family values that come through in their flooring company.

The outside projects, garden structures, garden gates, roofing, gutters, and landscaping can all be found at DG Heath as well. Along with knowledgeable employees who can give guidance, answer questions, and provide help with things the customer will need but may not be thinking of such as hardware. They will make any outside project a breeze.

A good selection of hand tools, power tools, and accessories make sure that any project is doable. Not to mention items such as paint, glue, and silicone. It is a one stop shop that puts everything the customer needs right at their fingertips so no job is too big or difficult. Even the not so handy person can do a project with the help of DG Heath company.

Timber cut to size can be purchased at DG Heath including, plywood, joinery timber and moldings, and 6 categories of square cut timber, as well as, treatments and preservatives to keep the wood in good condition longer.

The special offers should be checked out monthly as they change each month. Another value that DG Heath gives its customers are items that are price reduced for the month while supplies last. For example the month of November there are 7 specials in deck range, and several other areas of the store have specials in them as well. Next month will be new special offers that the customers can take advantage of to save money.

More than just flooring, DG Heath is family owned and local, it serves the community and its people with reliable service, quality, and fair pricing. No matter the time of the year or the project, the community can depend on DG Heath to be there to help make it right allowing families to start making family heirlooms and traditions that can be passed down through the generations.

One last thing to know about DG Heath, they offer trade accounts. The account can be applied for online. Once it is approved, their branch manager will call to discuss potential orders and set up personalized terms so every time a request for a quote is made the pricing is consistent.